blurhash-to-css usage example

Here we are using getStaticProps from Next.js to fetch images from, convert their BlurHash placeholders to CSS Gradients and display those behind each image.

Throttle the Network in DevTools to slow down image loading and see the placeholders more easily.

Find out more at GitHub or ask me on Twitter at @fold_left.

brown concrete castle on body of water
black and gray laptop computer on brown leather couch
black bmw m 3 on road during night time
brown rocky mountain under white clouds during daytime
woman in white floral wedding gown smiling
green suv on brown sand beach during daytime
silver laptop on brown wooden table
red sofa chair near window
house on hill near trees covered with fog
water waves on black background
white and blue abstract painting
person in black coat standing near body of water during daytime
white concrete building during daytime
black and white high rise buildings
brown and green trees on mountain during daytime
black and silver laptop computer beside black pen on brown wooden table
white and black drone in mid air
brown sand under blue sky during daytime
brown wheat field during daytime
white concrete building during daytime
silhouette of persons hand under blue sky
purple green and pink heart illustration
brown and gray rock wall
gray scale photo of spiral staircase